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The Offshore Road to Riches

The Offshore Road to Riches

The Offshore Road to Riches
The Offshore Road to Riches The Offshore Road to Riches
Brand: Vera Verba Team
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DIgital Download (e-book) by the Vera Verba Team: Have you ever wondered why there are so many success books? There is a reason: Success is rare without luck or heroics. You don't need fourteen guidebooks to tell you how to do something that lies within normal human abilities.

Walk through your local bookstore; you'll find dozens of books that tell you how to succeed. Next year, thousands of people will show up and buy a new batch. It doesn't have to be that hard.
The success books expect you to blissfully overcome impossible odds. That's just too hard; most people will never make it past those odds, no matter how many books they read.
So why not simply avoid the impossible odds and find a way to succeed where the odds are better? The Offshore Road To Riches tells you precisely how you can succeed without being a genius, without a degree, without special talent, and starting from flat broke. Nothing in this book is empty advice; the authors have actually done all the things they write about here.
You were right to want success, but you'll never get it doing the same old things that everyone else does. On the other hand, if you stop living by their script, adventure and success can be yours.
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Product Details : Softcover: 220 pages |Publisher: Vera Verba, Inc |
Language: English ISBN-13: 978-0-9799877-0-0 | Shipping Wieght: 2 lbs
Contents of Offshore Road to Riches
-Legal Disclaimer 
-Publisher's Preface 
1. How It Worked in 1890 
2. Get Your Head Straight! 
3. Starting from Flat Broke 
4. Once You Hit The Ground 
5. Import/Export 
6. Event Promotion 
7. Locating Missing Heirs 
8. Digital Money-Changing 
9. Micro-Fabrication 
10. The Marc Rich Story 
11. Offices and Employees 
12. How To Create Deals 
13. How To Survive Your Mistakes 
14. Dangerous Places 
15. Financial Tools 
16. The New Tools 
17. Use Your Jurisdictions! 
18. The PT Life 
19. Preserving Your Assets 
-Appendix A Why The West Leads The Rest
-Appendix B Freedom In An Unfree World 
-Appendix C Your Personal Inventory 
-Appendix D Setting Up Encryption

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