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A Second Look at Eden

A Second Look at Eden

A Second Look at Eden
A Second Look at Eden A Second Look at Eden
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by Anonymous: Let's be honest and admit that the 'apple story' thrives only because it is easy to repeat to children. So... what if everything you were taught about the Garden of Eden was wrong? And what if the events of Eden shaped not only human destiny, but shaped human character? And what if the rest of the Bible is a record of God's efforts to fix what went wrong way back then? If you're a Christian (or a Jew), you need to read this book. 


Just Say Jo (New York, NY) , September 11, 2007
An extremely interesting take on what is meant, in the book of Genesis, by "knowledge of Good and Evil" and how that phrase might denote mistakes in the typical thought process of mankind that we are all prone to. Thought provoking reading for the religious and non-religious alike.

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