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Production Versus Plunder

Production Versus Plunder

Production Versus Plunder
Production Versus Plunder Production Versus Plunder
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Digital Version (e-book) By Paul Rosenberg: History opens itself to you in this book. By following the central conflict of human history (production versus plunder), the rise and fall of human civilizations become understandable. The truth is that the battles and names that most of us learn in school are never connected to their most basic causes, and therefore never really fit together into an understandable whole. In this book, however, they do.

When history comes together into a coherent story, quite a few surprises can be seen, such as the fact that the Sumerians did not create the first culture: They destroyed it. Or, that Athens did not create the Golden Age of the Greeks: They ended it.
As you proceed through this engrossing narrative, you'll find some troubling facts about the modern world as well; such as the fact that the workers of the world have indeed been robbed, but not by capitalists, and that the Rule of Law actually ended two centuries ago. And then, the conclusion that Western Civilization is nearly doomed.
It was never too hard to understand; they just told you the wrong story.


Glen D. Allport January 10, 2011
Shockingly good: Deep history to present day, in a framework that (unlike the Official Story) makes sense

Production Versus Plunder is that rare and unexpected work: a well-written book by an unknown (not quite unknown; Rosenberg is CEO of that deserves major success. It's filled with intriguing facts from ancient history through the present day and -- here's the part that knocked me out -- presents a framework for understanding human civilization that is simple, fresh, and profound. This is a non-mainstream, not-officially-sanctioned view of history and of human action, and I think it may be the best eye-opener for those interested in why the world is falling apart (you've noticed, yes?). The author also describes what would move things back in a positive direction -- not that I expect such a move to happen, but I appreciated that Mr. Rosenberg made the effort to supply a positive note, and more than a "note", really. Other than the occasional copy-editing problem -- something seen increasingly even at major publishing houses -- I don't have any criticisms to voice here; Rosenberg's writing is compulsively readable and he displays great intelligence and depth of knowledge about his subject. You won't likely read a more intelligent or interesting piece of non-fiction this year.


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