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Mindless Slogans

Mindless Slogans

Mindless Slogans
Mindless Slogans Mindless Slogans
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101 of the non-think slogans you hear every day - examined, analyzed and debunked. It's actually a bit distressing to see how many brainless slogans people use in the place of actual thoughts... and never notice.

Mindless Slogans pass for thoughts in far too many minds. They are taken as true because they generate nods of approval.
And what really gets them around is being easy to remember and to repeat. Which means... that the most dumbed-down slogans of the past have replaced actual thought.
Product Details : 148 pages |Publisher: Vera Verba, Inc | Language: English 

By M. L Lamendola (Merriam, KS USA)
I have known the author since the late 1990s, and am always interested in what he has to say. His wit and insight have provided me with a great deal of amusement and education over the years. So when he mentioned Mindless Slogans was out, I knew it would be a worthwhile use of my time to read it. 
Anyone who has known Paul for any length of time knows he is a voracious reader of history, economics, and politics. He's also a prolific writer. Paul is well-known as an author, educator, and speaker in the electrical industry. In electrical work, logic matters and facts are real. Try to play mind games with electricity, and you get burned. Literally. 
Paul relies on logic and an appreciation for reality, when he presents his well-informed analyses of topics that bear on today's social and political trends. One of those trends is the language abuse that people use in place of thinking. People utter slogans, most of which are false and some of which are absurd, to justify views they have accepted and internalized. 
When you trace those views back to their source, you find, almost invariably, the person acquired them as a consequence of the relentless brainwashing conducted by predators and parasites. The typical modern-day politician is an example of a brainwashing slogan-spewer. 
What's the harm in not thinking? After all, thinking is work. In this book, Paul provides some reasons for you to ask that question and find answers that are relevant to your personal situation. The most important point to remember is that people who don't want you to think can (and do) cause you great harm. It is in your own best interests to make your own decisions, and to throw off the chains of mind-neutralizing slogans. 
Paul portrays this book as a series of bar-stool rants. He's not one to hang out at bars, so why does he say that? He immediately wants to tell the reader that this isn't a stuffy research piece loaded with references and written with big words where simple ones will do. Yes, there are some references. But generally, he tries to communicate the idea rather than misuse statistics or someone else's flawed research. His approach is to look at each slogan and explain what's wrong with it. And he does that in plain English. 
This book is full of personal opinions, and you as the reader might not agree with every opinion. I certainly don't. Nor would I expect anyone to agree with all of my opinions. Agreement on every point is never a good metric for deciding whether an author can stimulate you to thinking independently. Rejecting the lunacy that is so adroitly disguised as "common wisdom" is an essential part of being a free and responsible person. 
You may be surprised at the self-revelation this book causes, but you will be better off for it.


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