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God Wants You Dead

God Wants You Dead

God Wants You Dead
God Wants You Dead God Wants You Dead
Brand: Hastings, Sean & Rosenberg, Paul
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by Sean Hastings & Paul Rosenberg - Warning! This book contains dangerous ideas! Please use all proper caution and safety equipment while reading. We cannot be held responsible for damage to your mind, or the contents thereof.

God espouses the highest ideals to which we can aspire. The gospels teach peace, love and understanding. Yet, differences in how a spiritual being who embodies these divine qualities is worshiped are regularly used as excuses for war, hatred, and prejudice. Governments promis us peace and prosperity, yet send us off to die in foreigh wars funded by taking a large portion of the wealth we create. Politicians talk about the virtures of liberty while passing new laws to control our actions. Corporations ask for our loyalty but pay us as little as possible for our hard work. Suicide bombers blow themselves up in holy wars. Brain-washed cultists live in proverty, while working hard to make their gurus rich. The deeply religious resist medial treatment on the grounds that it interferes with God's will. People everywhere are sacrificing their lives, liberty and property to Higher Powers. .
- Do you want to know why? Read this Book! Be aware that you might not like the answers. And don't say we didn't try to warn you!


Great Eye OpenerMay 6, 2008

This book is a shock and awe book. It will shake and rattle your core beliefs and for sure will make a better individual. I did enjoy the book lack of adornments but it is in need of footnoting and a bibliography. Why? These two elements will give the book authority. 

Not everyone who will read this book will have enough scope in history, religion, politics, psychology and anthropology to really accept the contents of the book. 

re-engineer your memesSeptember 10, 2007

This is an excellent cultural philosophy and memetic re-engineering book, chock full of ways individuals and the idealogical constructs they blindly follow assault you every hour. It will help you break out of sheeple mode if you are brave enough to try.

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