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Farewell Big Brother

Farewell Big Brother

Farewell Big Brother
Farewell Big Brother Farewell Big Brother
Brand: PT Team of Grandpa & Others
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by "Grandpa" and Others

This is the abridged version of the original 3 volume leather-bound collector's edition of Bye-Bye Big Brother. This book offers up the meat of PT (Perpetual Traveler) theory and practice that Grandpa - and many like minded associates - developed over many decades of trial and error. Even "pruned down" to a single large (8.5 x 11) book, it still contains a massive amount of useful information. It explains the PT lifestyle in precise detail and should you bravely choose to follow where it leads, you will find yourself on an exciting road much less traveled. 

Product Details :324 pages |Publisher: Vera Verba, Inc Language: English

More about this book

From Farewell Big Brother, By Grandpa & Others, Published 2005 
PT . . . What is it?
Do you want to escape the control over your life and property now held by modern Big Brother governments? The PT concept could have been called Individual Sovereignty, because PT?s look after themselves. We do not want or need authorities to dominate every aspect of our existence from cradle to grave. 
The PT concept is one way to break free. It is a coherent philosophy, a plan for a stress free, healthy, prosperous life -- not limited by government interference, the threat of nuclear war, the reality of food and water contamination, litigation, domestic conflicts, taxation, persecution or harassment. Whether your problem is an unacceptable child custody decree or an unwarranted accusation by some Gestapo style government agency, PT offers escape. It is a way out of any negative situation created and imposed upon you by any government. Many individuals choose to vent their frustrations with acts of violence. The PT merely avoids conflict by refusing to play where the rules are unfair to him. We move our ass and our assets out of the forum.
What Does PT Stand For? PT stands for many things, Perpetual Traveler or Permanent Tourist, for instance. However, a PT need not travel all of the time, nor any of the time for that matter. A PT merely arranges his or her paperwork in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist, a person who is just Passing Through. In the eyes of government officials, the PT is merely on a temporary sojourn or vacation. The advantage is that by being seen as a person who is only Parked Temporarily, the PT is not subjected to taxes, military service, lawsuits or persecution for partaking in innocent, but forbidden pleasures. Unlike most citizens or subjects, the PT will not be persecuted for his beliefs or lack of them. 
PT is a concept, a way of life, a way of perceiving the universe and your place in it. One can be a full time dedicated PT or a part time PT. PT is elegant, simple and requires neither accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations nor other complex arrangements. It's the Perfect Thing.
The Threat Called Government
Governments, under the guise of protecting us, have intruded into every area of life, taking the largest part of our earnings in taxes and then rewarding us with little aside from restrictions and harassment. All modern governments these days have virtually eliminated individual privacy. They continue to increase limitations on freedom of choice in many areas of human activity. Each country has its own unique restrictions. Even Western democracies are growing increasingly fond of keeping their citizenry on very short leashes, if not completely shackled. 
The constitutions of most nations give lip service to the absolute freedom to travel, but in practice every government severely limits travel with passport, visa and other requirements. A few passports even bar their holders from visiting certain nations at all. By imposing entry restrictions on foreigners, most nations invite tit for tat measures. Personal finances, currency controls, domestic situations and job requirements make the freedom to go anywhere at anytime just a dream for most people.
PTs Operate Legally, But Outside The Usual Rules The properly equipped PT operates outside the usual rules, gaining perfect mobility and a full slate of human rights. PT is the logical and natural path to freedom from proletarian dictators, ambitious politicians, emperors, occupying armies, ruling classes and the tyranny of the majority. Indeed, freedom from the arbitrary whims of sometimes deranged politicians and the destructive powers of rampant bureaucracy is the essence of PT. 
PT's, People of Talent, can, at a few strokes of the pen, be truly free of Big Brother. Oppressors and exploiters in the modern world exercise control with paperwork and computers: One of your first and prime objectives is to get your (real) name off of all computer lists. customer lists and official registers of any kind. This is easy to accomplish. PT's first drop off voter lists, then vanish from the roster of property owners or taxpayers. Your present government will no longer be interested in you if they think you have left the jurisdiction and have ceased to be a citizen or subject. It is the goal of the PT to achieve invisibility by taking on a new nationality and acquiring an offshore address. For some citizens, like Germans or Swedes it is necessary to first acquire a legal residence elsewhere. For others, Americans, for instance, just notifying the home country that you are no longer living within their jurisdiction is enough.
Being a PT opens up all sorts of previously unknown possibilities for the PT. For instance, US banks are not permitted to encourage or even tell US customers that they can keep accounts abroad in foreign currencies. Foreign banks are not permitted to advertise such accounts in the US. Regulated financial institutions are forbidden to advertise the fact that when the dollar or any currency is devalued, all local bank accounts, stocks and real property decline predictably in relative value. A dollar decline of 50 per cent against most other currencies occurred between 1985 and 1987. Similar predictable declines in the dollar and most other major currencies have happened many times since then. The vast majority of US citizens are kept in the dark about the simple procedure for avoiding very predictable losses. PTs made a sure 100 per cent or more on their money in one year by buying property or 'things' in the places where currency had just been devalued --- or by switching from dollars into yen, Swiss francs or Euros.
PT freedom extends much further than monetary concerns. Neither the PT nor his family need be inconvenienced by government instigated wars or military service that they would rather avoid. The flexibility and mobility inherent in being a PT means that one will never be an unwilling draftee, victim, jailbird, concentration camp inmate, casualty, refugee or displaced person. PT's choose their own fights and surroundings. They are not swept along in torrents of hysteria caused by forces beyond their control.
Rest assured that by making PT theory, your secondary religion, you will be able to remain comfortably beyond the reach of Big Brother's ever extending grasp. It is impossible for any government to attack or wipe out PT's. Why? Because we are an amorphous group without consistent behavior patterns. From the point of view of any government official, we appear to be the most desirable kind of tourist, respectful of local laws and authority, low profile and prosperous. PT's cannot be identified, classified or isolated from the general run of tourists. Thus, unlike some publicity seeking individualists or tax rebels, the PT courts no danger and invites no confrontations.


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