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Complete Legal Guide for Websites: Complete with all the forms you need.

Complete Legal Guide for Websites: Complete with all the forms you need.

Complete Legal Guide for Websites: Complete with all the forms you need.
Brand: Campitelli, Jack
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Complete Legal Guide for Websites comes complete with all the forms you will need to instantly set up your website smartly and legally:

•User Agreement (Terms of Use), 
•Privacy Policy, 
•Purchase Agreement, and
•Disclosures & Disclaimers
•Affiliate Agreement
in simple Microsoft Word and now in HTML for you to edit to your own needs and immediately upload to your website.
Instant download of book and forms.
Your membership information will be sent to you via follow-up email withing 24 hours of your purchase.
- View our YouTube Video Here!
The Complete Legal Guide for Websites contains easy-to-understand explanations plus specific information on “income claims” “results claims” “healthcare claims”. 
Internet Law Compliance is the “One-Stop-Shop Internet Legal Guide” web-marketers, bloggers, social networkers and web-designers need to understand and comply with the regulations and requirements for lawfully doing business on the internet.
Internet Law Compliance unabashedly claims its place as “best on the web” because Internet Law Compliance is not just about internet website laws but shows you how to comply AND at the same time increase sales - if we say so ourselves!
More of Internt Law Compliance’s licensed forms are used on the internet than any other publication in the world! 

Only $49.95

Here are the straight goods . . . .
Without a doubt, this comprehensive Internet Law Compliance Guide (ILC) is the best bang for the buck a web-marketer can own. Alexa (search engine rating service) ranks our site at 61,000 in the U.S. That’s good, if you don’t already know. (Rankings change constantly so if you check it may be up or down for the day.) 
The Internet Law Compliance Guide, guide to internet law, can prove that it can increase sales while keeping you legal. Just read the book to find out how!
But why buy your web legal guide from me, Jack Campitelli? 
Here’s why: I am not just a lawyer who decided to write a book about the legal issues on the internet and make some money. I spent nearly four years on the road with a guy named Shawn Casey, another lawyer, teaching students about asset protection. Thousands of people. And all the while Shawn Casey was developing, on the side, his internet skills, his marketing skills. He dragged me to countless seminars that HE put on along with the best and the brightest on the new web geniuses. 
Put it this way. I was trained in internet marketing techniques long before I wrote Internet Law Compliance. 
Shawn Casey, of course, went onto become a legend and one of the true marketing web geniuses. He stays in the background, but there isn’t a giant who hasn’t heard of him. I wrote Internet Law Compliance for Shawn Casey to use personally on his websites. When we looked at it, we said, this is so good we should share it. And that’s how it was born. 
Shawn Casey still uses this material. During this time I met many of leading lights in the business. I counseled them on their business structures. I became a part of their “defense team” when trouble struck. And it struck ALWAYS when they didn’t pay attention to things I will tell you again and again. So, when I speak, I speak as someone who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Admittedly I have never strived for the level of success many of these giants have. But I have always been there for them as a voice of reason. They trust me. So should you.
"You Could Have Saved Me $350,000.00!"
"I've had personal experience with the government agencies with regards to Internet compliance, and let me tell you, it's an absolute nightmare!
"What's really shocking is how easy it is to step outside of the boundaries of the law. You can be in violation without even knowing it! I was, and if I had this kit FIRST then the whole thing could've been prevented. I would have saved about $350,000.00! (Not to mention experiencing amazing levels of stress.)
"Your product helps people quickly know what you can... And canNOT do online. And all it takes is a few simple changes to be compliant. Your compliance kit shows people how to do this. In my opinion, anyone who does business online without this is information completely insane."
Frank Kern
Prolific Author and Internet Marketer

Look, you’re an adult. You’re embarking on a new adventure (or cleaning up an existing one) with the hopes of making money. You know by now, I hope, that while the Internet has tremendous freedom, it is regulated and, every now and then, someone is made an example of by regulating agencies.

I don’t want to scare you by the horror stories that I’ve personally and professionally witnessed where I had to helplessly standby as very successful internet entrepreneurs got crushed by regulatory agencies because they made very simple mistakes. If you make up your mind that you’re not going to buy my book, then for goodness-sakes buy someone’s. Or, better, go see a live lawyer who knows about Internet law, the FTC, the FDA, and marketing.
What most folks don’t understand is that regulatory agencies win even if they lose in the end. Think about it. The way they work these days is to, suddenly, without warning, freeze your assets – all of them – with a restraining order. Afterwards, they serve you with the complaint containing the allegations of wrongdoing. Suddenly, no access to bank accounts. No ability to sell assets to raise money. No money for your mortgage, car payment or food. Got the picture? So what happens next? Well, you’ve got to get a lawyer. A really good lawyer, right? I mean jail time and huge fines are involved. $250,000 worth of lawyer’s retainer. How much money do you have? None. So you have the unenviable task of finding the best lawyer you can with no money and telling him your sad story while at the same time you’re trying to retain him to defend you. Like it so far? 
We haven’t even started. You can imagine, with no money, that your life starts to crumble rather quickly. Three months and your car is gone. You’ve borrowed from friends and family just to eat. Six months and your house is gone. When the “deal” is finally offered by the government, you grab it. The regulatory agency keeps all your money except what your lawyer gets and you can go back to your crushed life and start over. I’m not making this up. It’s real. It happens. What to do?
It’s all explained in the FTC Report included in your purchase. 
Or how about this. You sell a health product and make claims you shouldn’t. What claims are those? You’d better find out because if you fail it’s PRISON. No fooling. I’ve personally known three people who are in prison as we speak. I warned them. They didn’t listen. They had great products. I bought them myself. In their own way they were geniuses about health. They were making serious money. But to a person they were making fatal mistakes. In one case the FDA sent a team into a foreign country to “kidnap” the web-seller and take him back to the U.S. for trial. They “kidnapped” the wrong guy and went back empty handed! Later the agency got the web-seller legally deported and he’s now in prison in the U.S. This isn’t some stranger I’m telling you about. I’ve eaten dinner with his family. What to do?
It’s all explained in the FDA Report included in your purchase.
The various User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Purchase Agreement forms included with the Internet Law Compliance package are about outlining the rights of visitors and websites. They are designed to protect you from frivolous litigation.
Here’s a freebee. Rule of Thumb: You live and die with regulatory agencies with the copy on your website and your disclaimers and disclosures. Whereas you live and die with your customers or visitors with your User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Purchase Agreement. Unlike what you may believe, you cannot undo in Purchase Agreement disclaimers that you should have made in-line – in the copy itself. The weasel clauses might work for civil litigation but not for infractions of regulatory laws and rulings.
More of Internet Law Compliance’s copyrighted forms (fully-licensed to purchasers) are used on the web than any other publication in the world! The Internet Law Compliance Guide, seven years on the market, is constantly updated whenever the law or practices change.
Internet Law Compliance is written by a lawyer for internet marketers, not law professors. Jack Campitelli, J.D., was trained by the famous lawyer-turned-gigantic-web-marketer Shawn Casey. He wasn’t trained in law by Shawn Casey. He was trained for years in marketing. Then Shawn Casey commissioned him to write what grew into the Internet Law Compliance Guide.
Purchasers are forever-members to the restricted access area of the website. They are sent email notices about new information posted in the “member’s area” and FAQs are constantly updated. There are no “renewal fees” or “annual fees” even if the price goes up. Once you’re a “member” you’re a member as long as Internet Law Compliance lives.
Internet Law Compliance Guide is the Number #1 “One-Stop-Shop Guide” web-marketers need to understand and comply with the regulations and requirements for lawfully doing business on the Internet. Internet Law Compliance unabashedly claims its place as “best on the web” because Internet Law Compliance is not just about laws but shows you how to comply AND at the same time potentially increase sales. Clearly, results can vary depending on your copy writing ability and your creativity. And luck. But I can say unequivocally that Internet Law Compliance sales have increased using the techniques I’m going to show you.
Freebee #2: That last sentence was an example of an in-line disclaimer. I tried to make it easy to read so it swallowed easy. But you can see that backed away from guaranteeing a sales increase. The Internet Law Compliance copy is full of examples like this. I actually tell you what I’m doing while I’m doing it so you can learn.
Internet Law Compliance has hundreds of pages of easy-to-understand explanations plus specific information on “income claims,” “results claims,” and “healthcare claims”. And most importantly, Internet Law Compliance comes complete with all the forms you will need to instantly set up your website smartly and legally: User Agreement (Terms of Use), Privacy Policy, Purchase Agreement – in simple Microsoft Word for you to edit to your own needs and immediately upload to your website. The forms are copyrighted and fully-licensed to you to use on your website.
More of Internet Law Compliance’s licensed forms are used on the internet than any other publication in the world! And we can prove it!
Unlike other “legal” books for sale, Internet Law Compliance Guide ALWAYS remembers that the Internet is largely about sales: selling a product or an idea. And it is the only guide that works hard to help you increase sales -- not make you lose sales by using sales-killer legalese.
Internet Law Compliance also provides plenty of suggestions on how to protect you and your family from “customers gone bad”.
Internet Law Compliance is the only guide that shows you how to increase sales using disclaimers – and can prove it by our own Internet Law Compliance experiences!
Internet Law Compliance comes complete with a 30-day 100% “no-questions asked” refund policy and a great two-level affiliate program.
The math is easy. You need something like the Internet Law Compliance guide or you need to see a lawyer. Internet Law Compliance truly believes there is no substitute available to buy that is comparable. And we work hard to keep it that way. Logically here are your choices.
√ Educate yourself about Internet Law and take your chances 
√ Buy someone else’s book 
√ See a lawyer 
√ Steal the agreements you need – illegal, but it’s an option, right? 
√ Do nothing – not recommended 
√ Buy the #1 Best Internet Law Compliance guide for $99.99 and, an hour or so later, you’re up and “compliant”. 
What if during your 30-day refund period you think Internet Law Compliance is not for you? It’s simple. Ask for a refund. In seven years of business we have never refused to give a refund. We’ve never had a disputed transaction. And never had a charge-back. We practice what we preach.
Look, this is not a traditional sales letter. I’m not going to list all the “Free” Reports worth “thousands of dollars” you get when you buy Internet Law Compliance. The reports really are worth that much but . . . hey. I mean how many of you need to know about how to handle sales to the EU that have a Value Added Tax on e-sales? But there’s a complete report on it. What you will want to read, and fast because the law just changed, are the reports on blogging, on disclaimers and the report on disclosures.
Last item: There is a secret that can give you up to a 30% increase in sales -- contained right in this sales material. It’s yours free if you find it. And it’s not hidden. THERE IS NOT ONE OTHER SELLER OF “INTERNET LAW” BOOKS THAT EVEN MENTIONS THIS! Why? Because they didn’t discover it yet! If you don’t want to root around, you can spend the $99.95 and I’ll tell you straight out what it is when you download the material. You can add this secret to your site in 5 minutes. Or, if you’re like me, you can wait until your web designer comes over and they can add it to your site in 5 minutes.
I am not kidding. I just made up my mind. I am going to put the secret in the “Welcome” email you get when you purchase. That’s right. The very first email you get, in like one minute after you buy, will have the secret in it. And you’re going to say, “No way.” And I’m going to say, “Way. It works every day on this VERY site.” Heck, it may have gotten YOU to buy for all I know. But you’ll get the secret a couple minutes after you buy. I’d really like you to read and use all the materials, but this one secret could pay for your purchase. The rest should keep you out of prison and your money safely in your bank. Does that need a disclaimer? I mean I can’t guarantee the bank will be there, right? Should I have said mattress?
Also included: “The Simple Asset Protection Report.” THAT in itself is worth the price of admission. So what more do I have to do to get you to get this material?

Here's EVERYTHING that is currently in the Exclusive Internet Law Compliance Members Area for your Review

  • Internet Law Compliance Guide to Internet Law -102 pages (Updated 11/2009)
  • What You Should Know About the FDA - 32 Pages (Updated 03/2010)
  • 2009 FTC Rules for Bloggers, Blogging, Testimonials and Endorsements - 9 pages (Released 11/09)
  • A Guide for Staying Out of Trouble with the Federal Trade Commission - 18 pages (Updated 11/09)
  • Name Squatting and Typo Squatting - 8 pages (Released 11/09)
  • URL Privacy Protection - 1 page (Released 11/09)
  • Magic Cut and Paste Disclaimers - 6 pages (Released June 2010)The VAT Report - 15 pages (Updated 4/2010)
  • 2003 CAN SPAM Act - 40 Pages (Updated July 2010)
  • 2 Teleseminars with Jack Campitelli JD and Shawn Casey JD. Both Attorneys and Both Internet Marketers 
  • Forms and Disclaimers
    -Privacy Policy
    -Terms of Use
    -Purchase Agreement
    ---and MORE
  • Frequently Asked Questions Section (Perpetually Updated)
  • Mini-Report: Asset Protection - 6 pages (Released June 2010)
  • Mini-Report: Taxation of Domestic and International Internet Sales- 13 pages (Released June 26,2010)


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